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15 March 2016 - 03:47 PM


The IRON Curtain




The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON) hereby establish a buffer between themselves and the Soviet Union.


Article I: Non-Aggression and Security

NATO and IRON hereby pledge to refrain from taking up arms against one another. Both signatories will refrain from the use of espionage against the other. Should either signatory come into possession of information regarding the infringement of the other’s security by the Soviets, they are required to promptly share with the other.


Article II: Checkpoint Charlie

NATO and IRON have established defenses along our shared borders with the Soviet Union. Should the Soviets approach either of our borders with hostility, the other will respond in kind. Should either NATO or IRON come under attack as the result of venturing through Checkpoint Charlie of their own volition, the other signatory is encouraged but not required to respond.


Article III: Aggression

If either signatory believes it prudent to move against the East aggressively, turning the Cold War into a full fledged conflict, the other signatory may take up arms and join them if they believe it to be in their best interests.


Article IV: Tear Down This Wall

Should Mr. Gorbachev decide to tear down the wall "separating" the East from the West, the signatories will celebrate the end of this era with a drink, shake hands, and decide that the Curtain is no longer needed. This discussion will take place in private.



Signed for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,

Tsayka, Secretary General
Da DreadLord, Secretary of Foreign Affairs

asapilu, Secretary of Defense

Lonabis, Secretary of Enlistment


Signed for the Independent Republic of Orange Nations,

The Warrior, President, IRON Councilor

Rhizoctonia, Secretary of State, IRON Councilor

Blade 619, Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor

Hertt, Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor

Mandarijn, Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor

NATO - The Bear Cavalry ODP

29 February 2016 - 11:40 AM



Blue Tentacled Bears From Beyond


Article I: Of the Elder Gods and the Unmentionable Stygian Creatures That Lurk.
Tsayka. Da Dreadlord. Elder Gods from a forgotten time, part of a collective known as NATO. Only briefly mentioned in an ancient and accursed manuscript. Names that mankind dare not evoke out of fear that their retribution will be swift and ghastly. Their names are not even spoken by the most arcane.
Van Hoo III. Shurukian. Gibsonator21. Leaders of a cult of omnivorous daemonaic beings disguised as Earthly creatures of the Ursidae family. Shunned by the civilized world for their indescribable and unthinkable acts of violence, they were often worshiped as deities by long forgotten cultures and lesser imps.
A pact was written in the blood of nameless and loathsome beings and added to the Book of Azathoth. Cooperate these vile and feared pantheons of old had decided. Do not presume though that groups of this level of depravity do not also value their own sovereignty.
Article II: Like Minded Deities See Great Value in the Whisperings of Mortals and Others
Elder Gods and daemonic beings deal in information, blasphemous or otherwise. From their dark thrones and dank charnel houses, they collect and share such things. This is beyond the comprehension of mere mortal men, but understood with ease by those of the eldritch variety. Lesser beings would delve into madness and despair should they dare gaze upon the tomes and unutterable words within.
These manuscripts are best left to the eyes and ears of the two who invoke the aforementioned blood pact. It was meticulously written by them and the immense and hideous undertaking was for them and them alone.

Article III: Reptilian Claws. Swarthy Robes of Unknown Origin. Tentacles From the Abyss
There will be those who dare lash out at the members of this pact. As unthinkable as it may seem to dare to topple beings of such immeasurable and incomprehensible power, one would be foolish to underestimate the audacity that fear and dread creates. Should an aggressor choose a single party from this pact, assistance by the other would not be shunned and would in fact be encouraged.
Deities and other like-minded creatures from the beyond are the calculating sort though and should the non-aggrieved party decline to assist it would not be viewed as immoral, blasphemous, abnormal, or even faintly cruel. No, such a decision would be understood as per the scribblings of the Book of Azathoth itself.

Article IV: Glub, Glub ... Glub, Glub
Despite being immortal in nature, the two members of this pact understand that there is no such thing as forever. Indeed, all pacts (blood or otherwise) have a starting and ending point. While a falling out between two of such omnipotence would baffle simpler minds, the beings involved will make every attempt to make amends. Should no compromise be reached, a parting of ways shall commence. Some will lurk, hoping to use this opportunity to do the unthinkable -- to swoop in and end one party in an insane gambit for dark power. Know this: 72 hours must pass before that which is not dead can eternal lie, and indeed with strange aeons even death may die.

Tremble before us,
Tsayka, Secretary General
Da DreadLord, Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Lenny N Karl, Two-headed Serpent of Madness

The Bear Cavalry
Van HooIII, Crowley
Shurukian, Lillith
Gibsonator21, Azazel

NATO - NG ODoAP (Upgraded to MDoAP)

12 October 2014 - 07:44 AM

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12 October 2014 - 07:43 AM

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The Better Call Kenny Loggins Accords (Upgraded)

22 February 2014 - 09:57 PM




The Better Call Kenny Loggins Accords

A Treaty of  Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression

Revvin' up your engine.
The Orange Defense Network and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, hereinafter referred to as the Wingmen, pledge to uphold the articles of the Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact outlined herein.
Article I: Listen to her howlin' roar
The Wingmen declare that they will act in the spirit of friendship and co-operation with the object of furthering the development and strengthening the relations between them, adhering to the principles of mutual respect for their independence and sovereignty, and of non-interference in their internal affairs.
Article II: Metal under tension
The Wingmen will hereafter refrain from all forms of hostile activity and aggression against each other, such as conspiring/committing espionage and the use of military force.
Article III: Beggin' you to touch and go
Should either of the Wingmen come upon intelligence which pertains to the safety or stability of the other, they are required to share this intelligence.
Article IV: Highway to the Danger Zone
The Wingmen are encouraged, but not obligated, to engage in financial transactions to their mutual benefit and to assist each other financially in times of need.
Article V: Ride into the Danger Zone
If one of the Wingmen comes under attack from a third party, they may ask the other Wingman for military aid. The other Wingman is obligated to provide military aid and assistance, but this mutual defense clause is non-chaining, in which case military aid and assistance is optional. If either Wingman intends to undertake an aggressive military action against a third party or parties, he shall communicate this information to the other Wingman promptly. The other Wingman is not obliged to provide military support under these circumstances, but may do so if he wishes.
Article VI: Headin' into twilight
Once ratified by the Wingmen, this pact shall have full effect. Should either of the Wingmen wish to cancel this pact, a 72-hour notification must be given before the pact can be considered null and void.
For the Orange Defense Network General Assembly,
Overlord Shinnra, Secretary-General
eZe, Assistant Secretary-General
OsRavan, Secretary of State
Zaxon, Secretary of Defense
NOMNOMNOM, Secretary of Economics
Hawspiper1983, Secretary of the Interior
Senate LVII:
Hobbies0310, masterofwind, Nikolay, PeachesIII, Stealthypenguin93
For The North Atlantic Treaty Organization,
Sir Humphrey, Secretary General
Tsyaka, Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Jekalle, Secretary of Defense
HM Solomon I, Secretary of Commerce
muwen1234, Secretary of Enlistment
OrangeBlood, Chief Justice


Link to Announcement: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/120758-two-wingmen-walk-into-a-bar-part-2/
This thread was created while listening to Danger Zone for authenticity.